9 Hot Magazine Covers for February 2013

This month’s list of the hottest magazine covers have been quite delayed. Nevertheless, here are the sexiest cover babes of February 2013!


Which magazine cover is the hottest and sexiest?

Cast your votes by rating each magazine cover below with 1 to 5 stars. (Click on an image for full size)


Here are a few photos and videos for a sneak peek of each zine (or some other photo if we’re lazy).


1. Esquire has crowned Solenn Heussaff as the Sexiest Woman Alive.


2. A bevy of naked Playmates are on this month’s Playboy cover. Full list: Sky Aisuru, Mateja Gaspar, Kasia Danysz, Kandra van der Bank, Katarina Sarkova, Inna Georgescu, Anastasija Budjic, Lingita Lina Bopulu, Katherine Bautista, Clivia Treidl, Zimra Geurts.

Playboy PH alternate cover for Feb 2013


3. Young hot momma LJ Reyes braved freezing waters for her FHM return.

LJ sexy on FHM


4. Bea Alonzo‘s bumpers are discreetly highlighted in her Cosmo cover.

Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Cosmopolitan February 2013 cover


5. Meg should really have showcased the rest of Sarah Lahbati‘s sexy body more. (She kinda looks like Red Dela Cruz here.)

Sarah Lahbati lingerie


6. Skinny model and VJ Sarah Meier talks about her musical calling in her Rogue cover.

Sarah Meier for Rogue Jan-Feb 2013


7. The bright colors and messy pose doesn’t distract from Divine Lee‘s radiance. (Photo below is from another previous cover.)

Divine Lee with a tiger


8. Mega’s 21st Anniversary issue does a double cover: Ruffa Gutierrez on one side, and modernized Archie girls Betty and Veronica on the other.


9. Andi Eigenmann‘s checkered yellow dress on Preview is just zzz.


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