Anne Curtis No Underwear on ASAP 18?

Anne Curtis Diamonds on ASAP 18


Did Anne Curtis wear nothing underneath her high slit cut thigh dress (no idea what to call it) during her Diamonds song number on ASAP 18?

This new wardrobe malfunction is what people are talking about after a brief flash of white showed what seems to be her private area. It’s enough to get people all excited.


Anne pantyless wet performance


Anne didn’t hesitate to answer her ‘upskirt’ incident and responded to fan @iloveMayAnnD who asked, “ngkaroon b ng wardrobe malfunction sa shine like a diamond prod mu? Prang may sumilip kc.”

Anne’s reply: “haha! Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen again. 100% protected.”

Here’s the Feb 24 wet-pantyless performance if you didn’t see it:



Her stylist Pam Quinones later tweeted about her choice of gown for the birthday celebrant, saying, “@annecurtissmith wore  a dress w/ built-in swimsuit” – it was apparently a skin-tone undergarment that Anne meant when she said protected.


Anne's gown by Boom Sason


Anne revealed that the high-slit gown was created by Boom Sason, and uploaded a photo on Instagram with the following caption:

“TAAAADAAA! I present to you the controversial @boomita outfit I wore for my birthday number on ASAP. As you can see we have a bodysuit with a hidden tangga to make way for the sky high slit skirt. It is made out of 2 pieces. In fact the “tangga” is made out of swimsuit material which Boom Sason is also known for making. I was completely protected. It may have seemed like a wardrobe malfunction to many but I can assure you, after making the mistake of not securing myself once I wouldn’t let that happen to me again. :) So to settle all your minds I just had to post this. Thank you to everyone that was concerned! To everyone that’s trying to make an issue out of it! Thank you! ABSCBN news just told me its their most clicked on video on their site ever! Just relax everyone! Wearing a tangga is no newbie in the industry! It’s been around since the 80′s :)

After the Rocco-Lovi Party Pilipinas probation, the MTRCB wasn’t about to let this slip by without making a fuss. They’ve now launched a gender-sensitivity investigation against ASAP 18 over Anne Curtis’ wet performance last Sunday.


If you can remember, Anne already suffered a mishap with her outfit during a production number also in ASAP. In 2010, she was being lifted in a dance number when her bikini slipped and exposed her breast, which she immediately covered.


Anne Curtis nipslip Boracay


Actually, she’s had a few ‘incidents.’ No stranger to intrigue regarding her choice of clothes, Anne just continues to wear whatever. Remember her ‘panty-less’ gown during the Philippine Fashion Ball in 2011?


Anne Curtis Philippine Fashion Ball no panty


So… much… skin… Covered but not covered. Apparently, no, she had panties on that time too – a C-String.


One more – Anne’s reckless sitting upskirt scandal in Showtime in 2010.

Anne Curtis upskirt Showtime


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