Buko Girl Janica Buhain

Remember Abra’s “Gayuma” video we posted about last month? We promised more about Janica Buhain, the pretty Buko Girl who’s captured the hearts and minds of us guys who watched the video. Well, here it is.

Buko Girl Janica Buhain


Last Wednesday, Janica guested in Karen Bordador’s Happy Endings on Flippish.com (video below), and we were able to get to know our favorite Buko Girl a little better.



Janica Buhain is a 4th year Art student of Asia Pacific College. Asked what she wants to do after college, she replied that she wanted to be a tattoo artist. She’s really fascinated with the beauty of tattoos, of the idea of undergoing the pain of a thousand needle pricks on your skin that in the end coalesces into a work of art that’s uniquely yours – a permanent and unapologetic form of self-expression.



She has 9 tattoos all over her body currently, and one she got from this year’s Dutdutan tattoo festival. Her tats also show her religious side – she has Jesus in stylized script on her neck, and a passage from the Bible on the right side of her back.

Janica Buhain at Dutdutan


Her sexiest body part? She says it’s her eyes. She’s quite humble, saying she doesn’t really think of herself as sexy. Well, we find you very sexy, Janica, and yes, your eyes are a big part of your charm indeed. In fact, we only got to see her face on the “Gayuma” video but it was enough to get us mesmerized.



Her role as Buko Girl was not the first time she appeared on a music video. She was also the female lead in Ebe Dancel’s “Muli” music video:


Here’s Janica Buhain on Happy Endings (forward to 1:06:35 to get right to her interview):


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Na Buko Girl Dre?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. More Janica Buhain updates here:

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