DJ Megandang Megan

DJ’s have these awesome larger-than-life voices that it’s sometimes disappointing to find out later that the face (and body) doesn’t match the voice. Usually, you hear a girl DJ over the radio sounding all sexy and sultry, you picture a pretty girl with personality to match. Then you see a photo of her and your fantasy shatters in an instant.

Not so with DJ Megandang Megan of iFM 93.9.

DJ Megandang Megan

DJ Megan is as bubbly and lovely as her voice, with a body that’s as petite as you’d probably have imagined. She’s fun to listen to, and even more fun to watch.

She has graced FHM earlier this January as the Online Babe of the Month – wowing us all with her bikini figure and hot morena frame. In her interview she reveals that landing her job as a DJ was a pleasant surprise, since she wasn’t particularly chatty before. Now she’s full of energy on air, with jokes left and right.

Sexy DJ

Asked what she thinks about people finding her cute and sexy, she humbly replies that it’s really just confidence and believing in yourself – it’s all in the way you carry yourself.

Well, dear Megan surely knows how to do that.

DJ Megan

Other than her daily DJ stint as an iFM darling, Megan is now also hosting “Young, Wild and Free” on

Check out DJ Megan’s sexy photos here!

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