DotA Captain Kim Pacheco

Kim Pacheco

If you play DotA in Dasmariñas, Cavite, you’ve probably heard of Kim Pacheco.

Pretty, fun-loving and sweet, Kim Pacheco has become one of the most popular female DotA players in this part of the country, and she gamingly accepted our request for an interview.

Check out our interview with Kim below and browse her cutest and prettiest photos too!


Q&A with Kim Pacheco

Kim 1So Kim, tell us a little about yourself..

Currently studying at Lyceum University of the Philippines, Cavite Campus. 21 years old. I like playing DotA, surfing the net, and hanging out with my friends. I’m taking BS Tourism Management. Hopefully graduating next year.

What are you planning after college?

Get a job, save money… I dunno, maybe…

Play DotA?

Yeah. [laughs]

What kind of job?

I prefer office work, something like that.

You’re not planning to become a flight attendant or something?

I already thought of it but I just realized that being on a plane is kinda scary, like the plane might crash. It’s so scary.

I saw some of your photos; are you planning to go into modeling someday?

It depends, if there will be an opportunity for me to model, maybe. I’ve only done a few photo shoots but there have been a lot of offers. I just can’t do all of those because… I prefer to play DotA. [laughs] It really takes up my time.

So DotA really is the love of your life?

I only started loving DotA because of my friends. I made a lot more friends because of DotA.

Kim 2How long have you been playing?

It started in college, maybe four years ago now.

You haven’t gotten tired of it?

No, because it’s really, really, fun and enjoyable when you’re playing with friends.

What other things about DotA do you like aside from playing with friends?

I feel excited when I think I’m improving. I really want to be good at it.

How good are you now compared to before when you started? On a scale of 1 to 10.

Maybe 5. [laughs] I’m so humble. [laughs]

Who are your favorite heroes to play?

Earthshaker. Generally support-type heroes, mainly because my teammates expect me to play support when we play.

Do you trash-talk?

Sometimes! [laughs] But just with my friends.

Do you only play with guys? Or do you play with other girls also?

There are just too few girls who play DotA. They say that it’s just too complicated for them.

Can you tell me of any particularly memorable game you played recently, like incredible wins etc?

I can’t think of anything in particular because every time I play with my friends, each time is memorable.

Kim Pacheco interviewOhh. Pang slum-book.

Haha yeah. I can’t pick one.

Aside from DotA, what other talents or hobbies do you have?

I love singing. I usually jam in live bands. I used to be in a band in school but most of the members have already graduated.

You haven’t thought of trying to start another band?

No, because DotA really takes up my time. [laughs] Oh, I also dance. When I was in first year college, I also joined this dance group in school. Sadly, no video of that though.

Ok, you sing and dance… Other talents?

I also draw, and I design clothes. Back in high school, I designed the costume for our cheer dancers and we won Best Costume.

Really? Why haven’t you tried pursuing singing, pursuing dancing or fashion?

I already thought of it but I really love playing DotA. [laughs] I want to become a pro player. I’m in this girl group in Mineski. We’re all pretty. [laughs]


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