Dutdutan 2012 Bikini Contest Photos

Dutdutan XII poster

Dutdutan 2012 was a blast! Of course, while the tattoo festival was all about ink, there were bands, pole dancers and babes in bikini! Check out the feature video from FHM.com.ph here.

Found a couple of videos showing the girls in better view shot by one of the guys near the stage:


Enjoy these photos from the bikini contest featuring FHM babes Linda Jean, Berna Kano and more, as well as shots of the pole dancers and the celebrities who attended, including Julia Clarete, Maja Salvador, Jahziel Manabat and Daiana Menezes. (from Dutdutan.com.ph)


How hot were this year’s girls compared to last year’s? Personally, I think last year had sexier girls but this year showed a lot more sinful flesh. Mmm.


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