Ellen Adarna Nip Slip in Exercise Video?

Ellen Adarna’s mind-boggling exercise video left many viewers open-mouthed as she worked out as sexily as anyone possibly can. But perhaps the most intriguing part of the video is a bra-less Ellen boxing a punching bag wearing only a hanging top, leaving her chest swinging every which way while also blessing Pinoys with what looks to be a nip-slip.


Ellen 02

Ellen 06

Ellen 08

Ellen 13


So was it? Was Ellen so generous to show off not just her physical fitness but also her physical assets?

Watch the video if you haven’t already:


In case you missed it, pause at the 00:16 mark. Better yet, watch this slowed-down version:



Of course, when asked about the nipple slip, Ellen Adarna said she was wearing a nipple tape at the time.

Killjoy. But… really?


Ellen 09


This was the second time in as many months that Ellen got people talking – earlier in October, she was on Mo Twister’s podcast 40 Forbidden Questions where she revealed that Marian Rivera has fake boobs and that Sam Pinto isn’t as pretty in person with her bad skin.

Commence cat fight!


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