Empress Schuck on FHM March 2013

Yes, Empress Schuck on the cover of FHM’s March issue is shocking – not because she’s another child star who’s ‘grown up’ and went sexy, but because her stare on the cover photo really looks likes she wants to jolt you out of your seat.

And out to the newstands to buy the latest FHM of course.


Empress Schuck FHM March 2013


Anyway, her appearance on the cover marks a new chapter in 20-year old Empress’ career, coinciding with her taking on more mature roles such as the one she got in the new soap Apoy sa Dagat. That really sounds like mature stuff, and could have been a movie title during the 80′s ST era.


Empress Schuck in bikini


Empress’ cover highlights her youthful features while downplaying her figure. Indeed, if the preview photos released by FHM so far are any indication, her pictorial is quite a bit tame, similar to Marian Rivera’s debut cover, and is understandably subdued for a first timer, unlike the more daring shoot LJ did last month.


Empress Schuck FHM March 2013 02


The young Kapamilya star wants to note that she thought about posing for FHM a long time, not just because she’ll be wearing bikinis and other sexy attire, but because there’s a certain stigma that Pinoys place on celebrities who end up on the men’s magazine’s cover. To her, it’s more of announcing that she’s no longer a child and a rise to the challenge of keeping her wholesome image despite showing some skin.


Empress Schuck FHM March 2013 01


Check out the teaser video for her cover shoot:


Here are a few of Empress’ sexiest photos prior to her FHM cover:


Empress sexy in dress

Empress sexy in dress 02

Empress in gown


Empress will be at the signing event and party at March 22 along with other sexy FHM babes. Here’s a teaser video of the 3rd Bikini Heaven Special featuring hotties Erika Ocampo,Chloe DaudenWendy ValdezJef Gaitan, and Karen Bordador:


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