Featured Pinay: Katherine Aguirre Reyes

We’ve got a treat for you today. Say hi to Katherine Aguirre Reyes, a sexy and lovely nurse from Manila who agreed to share her yumminess with us all.


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MSP: Thanks for agreeing to this short Q&A with us. Tell us a little something about yourself.

Kate: Yo! I’m Katherine Aguirre Reyes! My friends call me Kate or Kateness, I’m a Registered Nurse who graduated from San Beda College batch 2008. I’ve worked as a Medical Representative and Account Executive, now I am back to schooling again to pursue my childhood dream – to become a doctor. I am turning 28 this coming September 3, and of course I am in a relationship.


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MSP: What are your hobbies, likes, faves, dislikes, hates, etc?

Kate: I have spent countless hours of my life reading books, playing video games, creating memes, blogging anonymously, making a video of myself or with friends rapping, singing, or dancing.


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MSP: What’s your sexiest body part and why? What makes you feel sexy about yourself?

Kate: All of my body parts are sexy hihi but the “sexiest” is my gluteal part. Check that out. I have worked hard for it to maintain its perfectly sculptured shape accentuating my waist.


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MSP: How are you as a girlfriend?

Kate: I’m the sweetest, hottest and most daring girlfriend that a boy could ever have.


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MSP: Who are your top five sexy Pinays?

Kate: My 5 sexiest Pinays would be:

  1. Heart Evangelista
  2. Carla Abellana
  3. Gretchen Barretto
  4. Angel Locsin
  5. Ruffa Mae Quinto


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MSP: Thanks for the interview! Any greetings or shoutouts?

Kate: It is my pleasure to be featured on My Sexy Pinay… I would just love once to be called sexy. Just because it would make me something other than cute.


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