Fetish Friday

FHM featured a special segment in their latest issue, and got several sexy Pinay models – all former Premiere Vixens, to pose naked for the camera just to highlight a kinky topic: fetish.

Don’t deny it – we all have one. A secret fetish in bed that drives us wild. If you think about it, there’s always this one (or two) part of the body that could really turn you on. While normally, as a full red-blooded male, your eyes would be taken in by a woman’s bumpers, for some, it’s the other, kinkier, parts that matter. For example:



fetish 01 abby poblador butt

Abby Poblador generously shows off her luscious behind.



fetish 02 paulene so legs

Paulene So displays her long creamy legs which are undoubtedly yummy.


Small of the Back

fetish 03 linda persson

Linda Persson arches her back gracefully, highlighting her slender curves.



fetish 04 jahziel manabat breasts

Jahziel Manabat teasingly covers up her well-endowed front.



fetish 05 linda persson feet

Linda Persson again entices with her dainty feet, a fetish that’s quite uncommon.



fetish 06 bianca peralta armpit

Bianca Peralta blinds us with bright shiny skin as she raises her arms and reveals the soft crevice beneath.



fetish 07 jem milton lips

Jem Milton draws you in through lips that demand attention and affection.




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