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Former Viva Hot Babes member Gwen Garci has recently moved to Las Vegas, eager to start something new and different with her life.

Why this is newsworthy, I’m not sure, but we have to remember Gwen was once one of the hottest and sexiest celebrities in the country for a time, back when the Hot Babes were all the rage.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of her hottest photos for a brief trip back to her golden years in showbiz:


Gwen Garci bikini

Gwen Garci hot nurse

Gwen Garci animal print bikini

Gwen Garci in body paint


Gwen was quite successful in her career here, landing several movie and teleserye roles with her killer figure, including being on the covers of several men’s magazines.


Gwen Garci in FHM


However, she thinks that showbiz is only good for the short term, as after a decade in the industry, the limelight wears off and it’s hard to stay relevant and hot in the eyes of the people.

“You need a lot of gossip, a lot of people talking about you then you’ll gonna have something you need to create. Something so that they will never forget you,” she said.


Gwen Garci bikini candid


Gwen, who’s real name is Mai Lee Ang, started out as a model when she was 16. She currently still has a contract with Viva Films and is not totally closing the opportunity to go back to the Philippines and the entertainment industry.

“In Philippines, I can go back to showbiz anytime I want. I want to try different things with my life that’s why I went to Hawaii to be a realtor because I want something different and now I’m here, I want to try something different with my life because I want something challenging,” she said.


Gwen Garci FHM Ladies Confessions Vol 6


Gwen’s most recent sexy photo shoot was for FHM’s Ladies Confessions Vol. 6. Check them out in our photo gallery for Gwen Garci here.


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