Jessy Mendiola’s Hottest Instagram Pics

Jessy Mendiola on Esquire


Jessy Mendiola’s star is definitely on the rise, now that she’ll be playing the title role for ABS-CBN’s Maria Mercedes remake this 2013. With her sweet looks, and toned and sexy body, it’s no wonder that Jessy has been appearing on the covers of magazines a lot these recent months. No doubt about it - Jessy Mendiola looks to be the next big star of the industry.

Check out the hottest Instagram pics from Jessy Mendiola below:


Jessy with henna tattoo

Jessy in swimsuit

Bright sun and skin

Jessy sunbathing

Jessy in bikini black and white

Jessy in bikini with friends

With friends

Jessy as Avon underwear model

Jessy in sexy tank top

for McDo ad


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Want more Jessy? We’ve got a stupendously big photo gallery of Jessy Mendiola at her prettiest:

Pretty Jessy 01


At her sexiest:

Jessy - Sexy 31


At her most stylish:

Jessy Mendiola fashion 04


At her most candid:

Simply Jessy 08


And at her hottest and most scandalous:

Jessy Mendiola - Hot 03


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