Maalaala Mocha Ya – A Singit Affair

The Mocha Girls continue their Maalaala Mocha Ya video series with “A Singit Affair” – a spoof of the movie trailer for the upcoming drama A Secret Affair starring Anne Curtis, Andi Eigenmann and Derek Ramsay. And, we must say, this one’s better than the first installment.

Check it out, but watch out for the Pokeballs!

Parodying the trailer was a great idea, and the Mocha Girls are getting better with those jokes. Franz particularly stood out mimicking Anne’s high-pitched voice and naughty one-sided smile. Mae, of course, looked pretty and hot no matter what she was doing.

We’re sure the girls had lots of fun shooting this one, and these drama/comedy series will surely get better in the coming episodes.



Naughty Mae and Anne Curtis impression by pretty Franz:

Naughty Mae

Pretty Franz


Oh, and watch the the first Maalaala Mocha Ya entitled “Canton.”

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