Maalaala Mocha Ya – Canton

The Mocha Girls are going nonstop with their viral videos – this time, it’s a parody of the timeless tearjerker drama Maalaala Mo Kaya conveniently modified to Maalaala Mocha Ya. Check out Mocha, Mae, Franz, Chloe and Yumi in… “Canton.”

Watch out for the Dragonballs!


While the singular joke of the video did get a bit annoying at the end, we still have to give Mocha Girls and their manager Lord Byron Cristobal a hearty applause. Seriously, what other local group or celebrity is really hopping on the popular trends nowadays and giving it their own unique twist? The Mocha Girls are also putting their sexiness to good use by combining sexy with naughty comedy – a perfect draw for humor-loving Pinoys.

Keep it coming girls!


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