Marian Rivera as FHM 150 Cover Babe

Finally, Marian Rivera becomes an FHM cover babe!


Marian Rivera FHM 150 Cover


After five years of FHM asking her to appear on their cover, Marian has finally agreed, and it’s a real special cover too, as it’s for the 150th issue of the most popular men’s magazine in the Philippines.

From her splashy entry into the mainstream as Marimar back in 2006, when Marian debuted on FHM’s 100 Sexiest at No. 38, the mag has called it spot on when they said that she will become a household name in a few years.


Marian Rivera FHM 150 1


Though she held off on appearing on FHM, Marian says that it’s about the right time that she gave her fans something they’ve been clamoring for all this time. This time, she’s ready to do it wholeheartedly.

FHM teased the cover babe last month by showing only her yummy tummy and no other hint. One smart commenter noted that the image filename is mr – and correctly deduced Marians cover issue. Watch the teaser video here that features all 150 babes on the issue.


Marian Rivera FHM 150 2


FHM packs its 150th issue by celebrating both past famous FHM icons such as Aubrey Miles, Maui Taylor, Francine Prieto, etc, along with today’s hottest models such as Regine Angeles, Sanya Smith and more.


Marian Rivera FHM 150 3


Stand by as we get our copy and share with you the hottest photos of Marian Rivera on FHM 150.


Update: Photos uploaded! Check out Marian’s FHM cover issue here.



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