Meet Mona, Wife of Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom

Here’s something you probably didn’t know until today, like me: Megaupload’s notorious founder and owner Kim Dotcom has a Filipina wife.

A really good-looking and hot wife, formerly a model, who’s still hot despite giving Dotcom five kids.

Meet Mona.


Mona Dotcom in red suit


Mona Dotcom is seen here in this Reuters photo during the launch of her husband’s new site, a cyberlocker which allows users to upload files and control who can access them.


Mona Dotcom with lady picking nose

We don’t know the lady caught picking her nose here.


Kim is treading on thin ground with this new site, given his extradition charges for piracy, but he maintains that Mega will not have access to the file themselves so they won’t have any liability for any pirated stuff.

Ok back to Mona.


Mona Dotcom in bikini


Mona Verga is an ex-model who married Dotcom a few days after she turned 21, back in 2009. The couple met two years prior in the Philippines, and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand along with their five kids, which includes twin baby girls.


Mona Verga in bikini

Yes, she has five kids.


Not sure if she married him for, you know, but if the confiscated personal belongings in Kim Dotcom’s arrest are any indication, the gifts he gave her, which include a G55 Mercedes, a Chanel diamond watch, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and some Christian Colin sculptures among others, we’d say it would be rather so.


Kim and Mona Dotcom

Just to highlight the size difference.


More Mona Dotcom photos, mostly from her Instagram:


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