Mocha Girls on Playboy PH Sep 2012 Cover

Mocha Girls Playboy PH Sep 2012 cover

Sexy pop group Mocha Girls have landed on the cover of Playboy Philippines‘ music-themed September 2012 issue. Calling them the Pop Femme Fatale, Playboy PH have recognized the Mocha Girls’ adaptability to the changing tastes of the local pop scene.

While they’re a pop act through and through, the Mocha Girls present an image that’s sensuous and feminine yet in control and on top – an unafraid stance against local norms and male-centric ideas. Self-empowerment and sexual freedom is the name of the game.


Here’s their short teaser clip released a month before the issue:

Now that’s hot. (And that track – “Glory Box” by Portishead – just oozes sexiness.)


Can’t wait for the issue to come out! We’ll keep you up to date with the undoubtedly hot new photos of the Mocha Girls.


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