The Most Liked Premiere Vixens 2012

Who will win the 2012 Search for the Ultimate Premiere Vixen? With 8 finalists remaining, voting is getting furious as the competition is nearing its end. All these sexy Pinays are undoubtedly hot – but it’s up to the public to determine the sexiest vixen of them all.

Well, judging by just the number of Likes that each one has gotten in their Facebook pages, we can already tell who the clear favorites are, and who needs to really up their social media game to get people voting for them.

Without further ado, here are the Premiere Vixen finalists ranked according to Facebook popularity:

8. Akiko Mendoza3,000+ fans

Coming last, Akiko really needs to get her fans voting for her to stand a chance at the title.

Akiko Mendoza


7. Red dela Cruz14,000+ fans

Did you know Red recently volunteered to help distribute relief goods for victims of flooding? Just wow. Pretty with a good heart.

Red Dela Cruz


6. Cathy Frey24,000+ fans

Cathy isn’t afraid of showing off her sexy body, appearing in mouth-watering dance videos and pictorials.

Cathy Frey


5. Cyril Locsin29,000+ fans

Cyril seems to be a hardworking girl. Yes, posing in sexy underwear and bikinis is hard work, guys.

Cyril Locsin


4. Bianca Peralta – 30,000+ fans

Just a little clarification here: Bianca has two active Facebook pages, one with 39,000+ fans and another with 22,000+fans. Since people could have easily liked both pages, we just averaged the two to get 30k. Or, we could just use the page with the higher number. Either way, she ends up at the same No. 4 spot.

Bianca Peralta


3. Janarah Fox85,000+fans

Janarah hails from New Delhi, India and has really bloomed into a stunning model during her stay here.

Janarah Fox


2. Nathalie Hayashi112,000+ fans

Nathalie is a Filipina-Japanese model, which explains her unique Asian appeal. But probably one of the biggest reasons she’s at second place is the number of hot lingerie photos she’s shared with her drooling fans.

Nathalie Hayashi


1. Danica Torres181,000+ fans

And, the most popular vixen is none other than the girl with the incredible curves, Danica! It’s probably safe to say this girl has one of the, if not the, sexiest bodies in this 2012 search.

Danica Torres


It’s an easy conclusion that the girls who were more active in updating their fan pages with photos and status updates are the clear frontrunners of this year’s search. But does this really reflect who’s getting the most votes when the results are tallied? Stay tuned as we keep this page updated!

Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Vixen here.



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