Neri Naig Chito Miranda Scandal Plus Hottest Photos

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda’s sex video scandal surprised a lot of Pinoys, as most have only adoration for both, especially for the Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist. But even the leaked video really did little harm to their reputations, and their relationship is still unfazed.

Pinoys Love Parokya

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda

Unlike Hayden Kho’s pervy hidden cam scandals with Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes, Chito and Neri’s sex video scandal has only gained them the sympathy and support of the public. That’s probably thanks to the Chito being one of the most faved rockers in the country. Plus, in the video, both of them knew what they were doing and were enjoying it – the video leaking wasn’t what either wanted. Hayden on the other hand, was simply feeding his voyeur tastes.

Son Leaked the Video?


Though Chito Miranda quickly took to Twitter to explain how the video got out – their room got ransacked and his hard drive among other things got stolen – a certain Alfonso Yanga Miranda claimed responsibility for it. Moreover, he claimed to be Chito’s son, which surprised even the rest of Parokya.

“Nagalit mga kabanda ko sa akin kasi may mga anak na daw pala ako tapos di ko man lang sila sinabihan. Nagtampo tuloy si Dindin [Moreno] kasi bakit hindi ko daw sya kinuhang ninong. Nag-sorry ako kasi kanina ko lang din nabalitaan na may mga anak na pala ako. Akala ko talaga chismis lang! Parang gago yung nag-imbento nung chismis na yun. Hehe! Buti nalang di hamak na mas gago mga kabanda ko. Hahaha!”

Chito also dismissed this claim, also saying ”Buti nalang walang iwanan sa Parokya.”

Neri Naig’s Hot Photos

Neri Naig has remained silent about the whole scandal ever since. We totally still respect her but the video just makes us want to look at her more. So here you go:


Neri Naig hot 12

Neri Naig hot 10

Neri Naig hot 01

Neri Naig hot 08



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