Panda Lover Koleen Mercado

Een Mercado

Koleen or Een Mercado is a panda. Well, that’s what she says on her Facebook. What she probably means is she’s as cute and adorable as that furry creature. Which definitely shows.

She’s an Accountancy freshman at Angeles University in Pampanga. She’s also a blogger, cosplayer, model, vocalist, pianist, guitarist, gamer, computer geek and otaku. Whew.


We asked Koleen to answer a few short questions, so let’s get to know our Ani-Mates finalist a little better:


On Cosplaying

Een Alice

I love cosplaying because I’m always dreaming that I want to be in an anime. I think otaku persons always have this feeling. Reenacting the anime and trying to be the character is the best thing about cosplay, and of course! you gain friends, and socialize, and share a common interest with other people.

I choose my character by my favorite character, and of course by my body structure. I can’t cosplay small anime because I’m tall. I can’t be in character if one characteristic doesn’t match with me and the character. But of course, I want to cosplay whatever character I can portray. It’s just a matter of how you bring it to life :):)


Favorite Characters

een mercado archbishop

Well, most of them are my favorite especially the ArchBishop from Ragnarok Online. I have a cosplans but I don’t plan to tell anyone yet. You’ll see them soon! :3:3


Talents, Hobbies and Quirks

Koleen modeling

Well, I play the guitar, I sing, I play the piano.. and I have a lot of hobbies. Seriously, a lot of hobbies. I’m a gamer (really addicted to League of Legends), I’m also a book worm, I read books most of the time. I’m a panda collector, I really love panda and every time I see a panda, *brings out wallet* if you know what I mean. And lately I’m trying to practice entrepreneurship – I have an online shop that I manage, Panda Shoppe.


Likes and Dislikes

Koleen pose

I LOVE PANDA. *laughs* and I LOVE STRAWBERRIES. That is my signature actually, my close friends know that if I dislike them, well that is not me anymore. Hmm. I don’t like slimy foods. Anything slimy, like okra, talong, tomato. =__=



Koleen cute

Well, thank you for featuring me in your blog. God bless you all! :):)



Here are photos from Een’s Facebook page:



More of Een Mercado on her social accounts, check them out:


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