Petra Mahalimuyak Sexy at Axe Bikini Auction

Petra Mahalimuyak

If you don’t know Ashley Rivera, aka “Petra Mahalimuyak,” let us introduce her a bit for you. Ashley became famous for her funny YouTube videos as the English-speaking socialite Petra Mahalimuyak, a screen personality she made up when she found herself in the U.S. but couldn’t speak English well. Petra personifies the conyo in Filipino society, those who’s so vain about being high-class and rich and all that and who always speaks in Taglish. Ashley parodies that by speaking English with a heavily Filipino accent.

So there. We’ll probably set up a section on her soon but for now, check out Ashley/Petra’s funny and sexy side both at once with this semi-recent video during the Axe Bikini Auction:

If you ask me, her carefree and game-ready attitude really upped her hotness level. Something about being very confident of her body can really make a woman sexier. Whether you found her funny or not is simply a matter of taste, but you can’t deny that Petra has appeal, even when she’s goofing off.


The Axe Bikini Auction event had men bidding for pre-worn bikinis by some of the hottest celebrities and models in the country, including Sam Pinto, Jinri Park and Daiana Menezes. Petra Mahalimuyak’s bikini seemed to be really fragrant as it was auctioned off for Php 6,500, the highest amount from those not belonging to the main three babes.

Here’s a rundown of the sexy ladies in the auction and the amounts their bikinis got bought off:

  • Jem Milton – Php 3,750
  • Karen Bordado – Php 4,500
  • Abby Poblador – Php 4,500
  • Kristine Santamena – Php 6,250
  • Ashley Rivera/Petra Mahalimuyak – Php 6,500
  • Jinri Park – Php 7,500
  • Sam Pinto – Php 30,000
  • Daiana Menezes – Php 100,000

Daiana Menezes bikini auction

Yes. Someone actually paid 100k for a second-hand bikini. I guess it’s understandable seeing it belonged to Brazilian bombshell Daiana, but still. Maybe they really wanted to help save Boracay. That’s probably it.


Check out photos of the event (via FHM):


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