Solenn Heussaff vs Sarah Lahbati in Seduction

Seduction trailer

Now showing: Seduction, a sexy romantic thriller starring Solenn Heussaff, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez under the helm of the director of Scorpio Nights, Peque Gallaga.

It seems it’s not only Viva Films who’s jumping on the sexy flicks with their recent movies Menor De Edad (starring Meg Imperial) and Rigodon (starring Yam Concepcion). Now Regal Films is offering competition with this surprisingly hot film with two of the hottest young Pinay celebs today.

Sarah Lahbati in Seduction

Seduction revolves around Richard’s character being torn between love and desire, Sarah and Solenn respectively, with the two looking to be fighting over the pretty boy. Sarah and Solenn’s characters are definitely contrasting, with Sarah being more of the homely and kind girl next door type, while Solenn is oozing with sex appeal, very seductive indeed. Having to choose between those two should be arduous enough for a movie.


Here’s the trailer for Seduction:


On the whole, the plot seems to be a bit predictable and ho-hum, and looks standard for films like these. Maybe that’s just the trailer though. However, that’s some pretty lackluster acting by all of the stars, though Solenn fits right into character almost naturally. Is she that tempting in real life too?

So, if you were to choose, do you go for Sarah Lahbati or Solenn Heussaff?

Solenn and Sarah in Seduction


Incidentally, Solenn has just been heralded by Esquire Philippines as the Sexiest Woman Alive – we’ll keep you posted on this February issue of Esquire which Solenn says would be her last cover for a men’s magazine.

Solenn Heussaff Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive


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