Stylish Musical Theatre Actress Maronne Cruz

Maronne Cruz

As a finalist for the Animax Ani-Mates search, Maronne Cruz loves cosplaying – that’s a given. But what you probably didn’t know is that Maronne is a very talented musical theater performer, who’s nabbed the lead roles of several productions as a member of the Ateneo Blue Repertory. And what’s more, she’s also a style and fashion enthusiast who has been published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer and has a joint style blog with her friend.

On her Facebook page, she mentions that it feels a little awkward to have her own “fan” page, but we know, that with her diverse range of talents, Maronne totally deserves one.

And no need to feel awkward, Maronne, you’re used to the spotlight! Just how much bigger the spotlight is going to be? We’ll find out on December 9th.


We interviewed Maronne with a few questions, so let’s get to know her a little bit better:


On Cosplaying

Maronne as Fiona from Adventuretime

I’m really passionate about acting, so one of my favorite parts of cosplaying is portraying the characters and really getting into their psyche, so it translates into my facial expressions and poses. But really, I love the whole process, from making the props to styling the wigs. It’s really creatively fulfilling.

I choose the characters based on nothing else but love– and of course how well they fit my physique! I don’t cosplay characters I don’t know just because they look good or pretty. I’d much rather cosplay the male character in a show if I like him more than a girl no matter how nice she looks! It’s really just all about those two: how much I like the character and how much I can pull them off physically.


Favorite Characters

Maronne as Maka Albarn

My favorite cosplay will always be my Maka Albarn (from Soul Eater) cosplay. I would really love to cosplay either Rue or Mint from Threads of Fate (it’s a not-very-well-known early Squaresoft game), or Harle from Chrono Cross. Those games made my childhood! Oh, and Hsien Ko from Darkstalkers!


Talents, Hobbies and Quirks

My not-so-hidden talents are definitely singing and acting. I haven’t stopped performing for Ateneo Blue Repertory (Ateneo’s musical theatre org) since I was a freshman! I’m very very blessed to have been given lead roles in 6 out of the 7 musicals I’ve auditioned for. My recent performances include Ivy in Bare 2012 and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors!

Apart from that, I’m also really into fashion. I’ve actually styled a cosplay-inspired spread for the Philippine Inquirer before, which is awesome. I also love writing songs, drawing and blogging. (One quirk about me is that I draw/write holding the pen as if one would hold a dagger, with my fist clenched around it, and that’s really how I’ve been holding it all my life!)

Plus I’m a business student and I find that I really enjoy marketing.


Likes and Dislikes

Maronne style

I like rock music (all kinds!), electronic music (not really all kinds.. I’m very selective.), punky clothes, streetwear, high heels, sneakers, sushi, Mediterranean food, pasta, SWEETS (I once went a whole week eating nothing but sweets), green tea lattes, energy drinks, psychological thriller movies, sci-fi movies (STAR WARS), CARTOONS, indie movies, music festivals, a little night out partying every now and then (but not all the time), travelling, cats, skulls and gothic things, POKEMON, tumblr, instagram, Angelina Jolie’s performance in Girl Interrupted, Natalie Portman, Broadway musicals.. I could go on forever.

My mind’s pretty open and it can be changed when it comes to disliking/liking things! However, I don’t think I’ll ever get around people who don’t strive to live their lives better. I’m allergic to uninspired, unmotivated and shallow people. I hope this doesn’t sound too pageant-y, cause I mean it! Oh, and I don’t like wasabi. I don’t think that’s gonna change.



Maronne style

I think I’ve already said a whooole lot about myself, so.. Thank you so much for the feature!! Please support me in the Ani-mate search finals, I’m extremely nervous and extremely excited at the same time. It’d be totes awesome if I could meet you all soon.



Here are some of Maronne’s cosplay and non-cosplay photos:



More of Maronne Cruz on her social accounts, check them out:


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