Super Hot Jessy Mendiola Spicy Surprise for Jeric Teng

Lucky man Jeric Teng gets the most pleasant surprise when his crush, spicy hot Jessy Mendiola, asks to share his seat at a McDonald’s.


Jessy Mendiola McSpicy


Jessy, Jeron Teng and McDonald’s teamed up for the hidden camera scene, and the video instantly went viral. No surprise, since this is like your idle fantasy coming true. Jessy’s scorching hot appeal and jaw-dropping gorgeousness is probably too much for any normal human being. And it was quite evident in Jeric Teng’s stunned face as Jessy walked in, sat down, and proceeded to smolder.

Check out the video:


Oh man.


Jessy Mendiola McDo


You might remember that Jessy did a previous commercial for McDo just like this one, where she makes some dude’s day wearing the same sexy red dress. Here’s one:


Red is definitely Jessy’s color. Here’s Jessy in another hot red dress as Maria Mercedes:


Going back even further, here’s Jessy’s first appearance in that curve-fitting red:


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