The Women of Wowowillie

10 Willie and Wowowillie co-hosts

If there’s one thing you can count on Willie Revillame’s noontime shows, it’s that there’s always pretty and sexy women around co-hosting them. Some, like Mariel Rodriguez, have become popular stars in their own right, while some only quietly fade into obscurity after Willie gets his show canceled yet again.

Wowowillie is Revillame’s umpteenth noontime show, and he’s both the producer and main host. No doubt he handpicked all of his female co-hosts, but recently some of them have already gotten the show on the news.

Last Feb. 28, Willie reportedly scolded Ethel Booba and Ate Gay for being unprofessional in the “Mini-Concierto” segment of the show, where the co-hosts try to impress judges with talent and impressive costumes.

The two were bitter over not winning, and took Willie’s jokes like he meant it. He called Ethel out for copying Anne Curtis’ wet birthday performance, to which she replied, “Ano ito? Bakit mo kami ikino-compare doon? We’re talking about talent, not singit. Come on!” She also apparently shouted at him backstage.

Willie said that his comment was purely to entertain the audience. “Style ba ‘yan? Ginagaya mo lang si Anne Curtis eh… Wala, ginagaya lang si Anne Curtis. Kasi ‘yung suot niya sa ‘ASAP,’ may shower pa. Hindi niyo kaya ‘yon. Huwag kayong mag-ilusyon.

He later dared both Booba and Nora Aunor’s impersonator to resign, stating that they should have some debt of gratitude for getting on the show in the first place.

Vice Ganda parodied the incident on her show – check it out here.


Anyway, let’s get back to the women of Wowowillie:

09 Grace Lee Mariel Rodriguez and Camille Villar

From left to right: Grace Lee, Mariel Rodriguez and Camille Villar


08 Ava Jugueta Ethel Booba and Lovely Abella

From left to right: Ava Jugueta, Ethel Booba and Lovely Abella


Mariel Rodriguez: I’m sure everybody knows Robin Padilla’s wife now.

Grace Lee: She first became Willie’s co-host in Wiltime Big Time, where she giggled her way into the hearts of the audience.

Camille Villar: The youngest scion of the Villar family, she was also in Wiltime Big Time as their Primetime Princess.

Arci Munoz: Arci graduated from Starstruck into several roles and projects for GMA 7 and TV5 before co-hosting with Willie.

Ethel Booba: While her career boomed about ten years ago, the busty comedienne is now only making her return to TV.

Ava Jugueta: A former member of Pretty Young Thing, Ava was also the winner of the “Coca-Cola Ride to Fame” reality show in 2007.

Lovely Abella: Lovely has been working with Willie for the longest time and is now given the chance to be a co-host.




Who’s the hottest Pinay among Willie’s latest group of co-hosts? Comment below!


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