Top Ten Hottest Pinay MILFs

Staying sexy even after the rigors of motherhood is a tough challenge that not all women can achieve. It requires a conscious and constant effort to keep in shape all while taking care of the kids and the (lucky!) hubby. We honor these ten hottest celebrity moms today for being an inspiration to women, and as gorgeous idols of worship to men,  all over the country.

First, a short disclaimer: yes, there’s a negative connotation behind the term MILF, but we use it here with all respect. We recognize that these hot Pinay moms are classy ladies and we hope our readers keep it in mind.

Also, this top ten list is purely subjective – feel free to express your own preferences and favorites. Finally, we wanted to only consider those at least 30 years only – as it doesn’t really ‘feel’ quite right to add them on this list.


Regine Tolentino

10. Regine Tolentino

Regine Tolentino married early at 18 and has two daughters in her 15-year marriage. She shot to fame for her dancing prowess and it’s thanks to this, along with being very fitness-minded, that she remains one of the hottest moms today. More than just being the Philippine Dancing Diva, 33-year old Regine exudes an aura of independence and confidence that radiates from her presence.

Jean Garcia9. Jean Garcia

At 40, Jean Garcia still has that girly look that prompts men to take a second glance just to make sure they’re not really looking at a young girl. Though she has a 20 year old daughter and a younger son, she dated Polo Ravales for a time who was then just 27. Jean’s success in the industry doesn’t just stem from her comely face and slim figure – her acting chops continue to be very much still in demand.

Giselle Toengi8. G Toengi

Giselle Toengi has recently made a splash by appearing once again on the cover of FHM Philippines to kickstart her return to the islands, back from her US adventures. Now married and a mom at 33, G proves she still has the charming and sultry appeal that won us over in the 90′s.

Ina Raymundo7. Ina Raymundo

Who can forget that classic “Sabado Nights” commercial that put Ina Raymundo on the map? Or the numerous sexy films she starred in afterwards. Not us, definitely, even though she has been gone from the limelight for a long time since she got married. Now 33, she appears now and then just to remind us of how hot she was, and how ridiculously hot she still is.

Dawn Zulueta6. Dawn Zulueta

At 41, Dawn Zulueta clearly demonstrates that you can defy aging. It’s incredible to see how little the years have affected her beauty. She has that certain quality that makes men feel unworthy, as she is as glorious to behold as her name.

Gretchen Barretto5. Gretchen Barretto

While her younger sister Claudine was just ‘cute’ then, Gretchen Barretto was already considered one of the sexiest actresses in her prime. Gretchen was the 90′s ST Queen, and was the object of desire of that era. Though she’s now 40, she still has that flawless doll look that continues to be a magnet for more photos and videos.

Carmina Villaroel4. Carmina Villaroel

Carmina Villaroel was once just a cute, boyish and awkward-seeming girl. Even as she grew older, she kept looking like a schoolgirl, even through her first and current marriage. Now 36 and mother to twins, she represents graceful blooming – from cute girl to full, sexy womanhood.

Aubrey Miles3. Aubrey Miles

A former sexy star, Aubrey Miles was one of the hottest young celebrities during the years when R-18 films were all the rage in the country. She combines a girlish appeal with her curvy and seductive body that evidently she hasn’t lost. A mother of two at 32, Aubrey has recently stepped into the spotlight again with appearances on several reality-based TV shows, probably just to make us drool all over again.

Mylene Dizon2. Mylene Dizon

Without a doubt, Mylene Dizon’s sexiness comes from her strong personality and fierce attitude. She’s the anti-damsel in distress – Mylene simply embodies the confident feminine spirit that at once terrifies and lures hapless fans. At 35, her acting prowess has also been proven time and again to be the X-factor that separates her from other pretty stars.

Lucy Torres1. Lucy Torres

Classy and elegant. If there’s one Pinay lady that fully exemplifies those womanly attributes, it’s Lucy Torres. All at once, she is feminine yet strong, respectable yet alluring. Being 37 hasn’t dimmed her brilliant beauty and she continues to shine as a beacon of light for mothers everywhere.

Noteworthy mentions

Setting the 30-year old limit means we couldn’t add Jennylyn Mercado (25) or Andi Eigenmann (21) to the list, though they are very hot Pinay moms indeed.


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  4. toni says:

    agree, lucy torres is milf numero uno.

  5. lee says:

    sexy hoy lucy torres yumyum no1 milf in town tall pretty and sexy .. nakaka l . miss her show …

  6. beacon says:

    mismo, lucy torres is the mom most of us wish to fuck.

  7. tikig says:

    madam LUCY TORRES pakatut namn ohh!..dogstyle tau onetime lang!

  8. paslak says:

    si carmina masarap din kantutin…

  9. jakulero says:

    para sakin masarap c carmina pero mas gusto kong kantutin si maam Lucy torres walang tatalo sa kanyang kaputian…hita palang malalabasan kana pano pa kaya kung ipapasok mo na burat mo sa matambok niyang walang bul-bul na puke..ay tang ina ang sarap!..

  10. kulatog69 says:

    kakalibog naman mga komento kay ms. lucy. . sarap nya kasing manyakin. . grabeng puti at tambok siguro nung femfem nya.

  11. chino says:

    lucy torres hayup ang katawan kakalibog

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