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Yam Concepcion is Viva’s “newest sweetheart” and is currently being prepped to lead Philippine cinema back to a new era of sexy movies. Prior to appearing on FHM’s October 2012 issue, she was also featured in Maxim’s February 2012 issue.

Before this, Yam was known for gracing the music videos of Mayonnaise’s “Sinungaling” and JC Regino’s “Ang Buhay Ko’y Para Sa’yo.” Yam is also the drummer for grunge band Ursa Minor and a host on TV5. She was also one of the girls in Pantaxa, a reality search hosted by Viva Hot Babes Maui Taylor and Katya Santos on Viva’s cable channel.

Career Highlights

  • Awarded 2009 Rock Vixen and featured on Pulp magazine.


  • Yam is a close personal friend of Sam Pinto. Sam and Yam. Hmm.


Yam Concepcion - Various

Various photos of Yam from pictorials, candid snapshots, TV and magazine appearances.

18 Photos

Yam Concepcion - Sexy

Sexy photos of Yam from FHM, Maxim, Viva and Pantaxa.

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Yam Concepcion - FHM

Yam's most daring photo shoot yet on FHM October 2012 issue.

12 Photos

Yam Concepcion - Asia Brewery Calendar

Photos of Yam as Asia Brewery's 2014 calendar girl.

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Twitter: twitter.com/yamconcepcion


Website: www.viva.com.ph


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